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Buy links from high traffic websites

Buy links from high traffic websites

Dofollow backlinks starting at $25

Dofollow backlinks starting at $25

Up to 3 backlinks in your post

Up to 3 backlinks in your post

Customized content for your guest post

Customized content for your guest post

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These are only some of the qualities of our SEO link building services

  • Getting backlinks from quality resources
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  • Your link will only be in quality SEO content written by us, you or the site owner.
  • Our links are for life and if any link is lost, we will replace it within 6 months after your campaign ends.

Quality Paid Backlinks For Any Business

Getting ranked on the first pages of search engines is an essential matter for online Businesses, that is not so easy to achieve. Due to the pandemic in recent years, the number f online businesses has increased, so the market competition has become much more intense. Online business owners are looking for ways to boost their website traffic and rankings. We have all these solutions in our link-building service. we do all the work for your SEO backlinks.

The Importance Of Backlinks

A backlink is a link placed on another site and points to one of your website's pages. This means referencing you as a valid page. Google constantly updates its algorithm to specify new factors to discriminate low-quality websites from good pages.
That's why you can't buy numerous backlinks without paying attention to the publisher.
It is true that backlinks are necessary for your website's promotion, but Google's algorithms recognize fake backlinks. You need to be careful about which publisher you choose. Preferably websites that do not already links to you.
Another significant part is writing content for your guest post. Your content should be of high quality to attract the reader to your site.

5 benefits of paid backlinks

1. Create your brand name authority
Getting backlinks from popular websites is not only great for your SEO, but it will also bring credibility to your brand. With backlinks, consumers will realize that your brand is reasonable and they should be interested in it.
So the quality links placed on well-known websites, help you attract customers to your brand by creating a smooth connection. In addition, getting backlinks introduces your company as a source of information in your field of work, so there's a chance other websites may naturally backlink to you.

2. Produce regular referral traffic automatically
In addition to search engines, your website traffic also comes from other websites. 
In fact, it accounts for a considerable amount of websites traffic. This way, the visitor clicks on the links of your guest post and redirects to your page.
When you put quality content in popular publications, their high traffic can be targeted to your site without any further action. Having only one link on a popular website can drive people to your site for years. Compared to paid advertising, which you have to pay for every time, buying backlinks will work for you for years, so it benefits you financially.

3. Build new connections
When your content is engaging and effective, it is more likely that readers click on the link to see who's the source. This will probably lead to turning on your website notifications, joining newsletters, registering emails, and buying your product by them. They may follow you on social media. Finally, you can connect with your consumers without the help of search engines.

4. Forever index & resource links
Gaining backlinks from reputable journals last for years and directs traffic from other websites to your website. The internet is a resource where any information remains accessible forever.
As long as your link is on other popular websites, you have a permanent ad on them that you only paid for it once.

5. Trademark manifestation & identification
Placing links in guest posts is recognizable so the reader could see and click on them. When your link appears in good content, visitors will start recognizing your brand name.
When a reader sees your link in quality content, they either click on it and enter your website or relate your brand name to the content they are reading. this way they slowly get acquainted with your brand and product.
The major goal of a link building campaign is to enhance your organic position. Though buying backlinks, also impacts multiple parameters and can be beneficial for many different purposes.

Black and white strategies

Black hat link building is any link building that goes against the search engine's policies. Some SEO specialists and digital marketers resort to some tactics to ditch the system and dominate search engine algorithms. These methods include copy and poor quality content, excessive use of keywords, paid links, cloaking, and spam comments, which of course it won't end here.
You can buy tons of backlinks at once from paid backlink providers. The publisher's field and audience profiles will not be considered in this case. Also, these sites may publish your backlinks immediately, but search engines like Google have algorithms to detect these tactics, and this will probably be a disadvantage of your website. So such black links will not be useful to you.
While it may be more pricey and time-consuming to use services that employ white strategies, it will be absolutely to the benefit of your site and the outcomes are guaranteed.

Outsource your white link building on reputable websites

At Contentadopt we enforce a white link building strategy and we even automate your link building with the Contentadopt backlink package service.
If you use our paid link service and Guest Post:
  • You will get rid of long and challenging searches to find a fitting website to place your link. At Contentadopt .com, we have a large library of all reputable sites with DA 40+, which is organized by topic, domain, language, rating, traffic, and other parameters.
  • You won't have to do long negotiations with site owners. We have hired content creator specialists who write content related to your product quickly, and you don't need to bother writing your article.
  • You can see the exact price for backlinks and guest posts on our website. Thus, planning your budget to promote your website in search engines will be a piece of cake.
  • We work with reputable websites that publish your content as soon as it is approved, so you don't have to wait long for the post to be published.
  • In two weeks you will see real growth in your website traffic and ranking.

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